Gymnastics Tumbling Michigan Academy of Gymnastics
60 minute classes are offered for beginner and advanced students. These classes are a great way to learn basic tumbling skills or build on the basics to learn more advanced skills.

General Information

Tumbling is a great way to learn the basics such as cartwheels, round-offs, bridges, back bends, and back walk-overs. This class is a fun way to learn the basic skills.

Beginner Tumbling

60 minutes of tumbling basics. Including: cartwheels; round offs; bridges; back bend; back walkover; and back handspring. A fun and safe way to learn basic skills.

Advanced Tumbling

60 minutes of advanced tumbling skills: back tuck; front handspring; front tuck; and twisting. This class will provide a great experience for all students looking to learn and master higher level skills.