Special Needs
Our class for children with special needs uses gymnastics to help improve gross/fine motor skills, increase coordination and balance and boost self-esteem and confidence.

General Information

We offer gymnastic classes for children with special needs. Gymnastics is an invaluable opportunity for children to improve in many areas of their daily life, such as gross/fine motor skills, coordination and balance, following directions, expressive language, self-esteem and confidence. Gymnastics can also improve cognition because of the continual brain-body connection. Gymnastics uses conceptual themes (apart/together, in front/behind, stop/go) to allow students to learn the meanings during real life activities.
These classes follow gymnastic skills progressions adapted to each student’s individual needs. Students will use balance beams, tumbling mats, bars, vault, a foam pit, and the trampoline. The classes are divided into age groups so children are participating with similar aged peers. Each student is paired with a “big buddy” who is a member of our competitive team. The buddies help model the skills, keep the students on task, and provide the opportunity work on social skills and form friendships. The classes maintain the same structure and order of events every week and students are provided personal visual schedules as needed.