MAG Owners

Kami Gotchev

Kami has been with the M.A.G. staff for over 20 years.  She is currently the Girls Team Head Coach and co-owns the gym with Leon. Kami competed in the 1980 and 1984 Olympics as well as two World Championships.  She holds an “Honored Master of Sport” certification and a degree in Physical Education from the National Sports University. Kami also coached members of the National Bulgarian Team to Olympic levels.

Leon Bekker

Leon has been teaching at M.A.G. for over 20 years and has been instrumental in the development of the M.A.G boys and girls pre-team groups.  He is currently the Girl’s Program Director as well as Team coach and he co-owns the gym with Kami.  Leon was a former National Team Wrestler with the former Soviet Union and was an alternate for the Goodwill Games in 1989.  An injury forced him into early retirement.  Leon earned a  Physical Education degree from Minsk University in Belarus ( formerly of the Soviet Union).